One of the best wine Area in South of Italy: Falerno del Massico

One of the best wine Area in South of Italy: Falerno del Massico

El Mona on 22nd Mar 2021

Falerno del Massico is located north east of Napoli, you can see the green portion of the map below.

Falerno del Massico DOC is one of the best wine area of south of Italy. Located in a large amphitheatre-shaped valley below the foot of the extinct volcano Roccamonfina and a series of other mountains including Monte Massico and Monti Aurunci. The location creates a microclimate that is slightly cooler than other parts of Campania in the summer due to cool winds from the mountains but still relatively warm in the winter. The soils are quite distinct with the ancient volcanic ash from Roccamonfina as well as calcareous soil from the time this area was an ancient sea bed.

As the legend handed down by Silio Italico goes that the Falerno wine was a gift of Bacco, the Roman god of wine, to the inhabitants of the Ager Falernus for rewarding their hospitality. Bacco descended on Monte Massico where met he an old farmer; his name was Falerno and invited Bacco to rest in his hut. Falerno was poor and humble, but he wanted offer to god all the best he had: milk, honey and cheese. Bacco was moved by so much generosity, so he decided to change a cup of milk into an excellent wine to thank the old farmer. Falerno drank it and felt asleep. When he woke up, he found his plot of land covered by vineyards which produced the Falerno wine from that moment on.

Fattoria Pagano, is one of the best wine producers in this wine region. Incredible white wines such as GrecoFianoFalanghina, to the unique red wines like PiedirossoAglianico and the “Gaurasi” Falerno del Massico DOC. The last one a blend of Aglianico and Piedirosso that create a full body, spicy red wine. Incredibly complex and elegant at the palate, with an aroma of licorice, tobacco and cocoa.